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In the twenty years that it has been active in the services market, AIDE has become a true expert in the field of service support and working with clients. Our history boasts various goals and projects that have consistently met with end user satisfaction, enhanced the image of the business customer, minimized outgoings and optimized processes.

Our clients include both international corporations that delegate to AIDE the service maintenance organization of their product in the Russian market as well as new companies who from their earliest days have entrusted to AIDE the technical support and work with customers, building on experience and the possibility of unlimited scaling.

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Vadim Kuzmin, Kirill Timakov and Roman Silnikov open the company's Moscow office.


The start of working with Canon NE. Our joint work aims to develop and launch a system of warranty maintenance of Canon's products. An innovative scheme of warranty repair support, as well as established logistical processes, have enabled AIDE for the next year to become the official distributor of spare parts and components for all of Canon's products in Russia.


A contract has been concluded to launch a service network to service Fujifilm's digital cameras. AIDE ensures information exchange between all its structure's members and organizes a supply scheme for spare parts to the regions. The project's preparation and the adoption of logistics took up roughly two months, and by the end of the year the Fujifilm RU service network was up and running trouble-free, providing a broad coverage of the regions. As things stand our collaboration is ongoing, and AIDE coordinates the work of courier hot lines and service centers, supporting the company's image and sales.


Work has begun on developing an interactive portal to support OKI's warranty repair work.. We have been awarded the status of official distributor of Epson spare parts and components.


AIDE is soon to be the official distributor of spare parts for Brother. Thanks to the adoption of an interactive portal warranty servicing moves on to a qualitatively different level: procedures are monitored from the moment the client contacts the service center until the repair has been completed and accepted. The data obtained in the course of the monitoring are analyzed in order to optimize the process and precisely forecast customer satisfaction.

In April Toshiba Europe GmbH in Russia drew up a contract with AIDE on the warranty administration of authorized regional service centers for repairing TOSHIBA laptops. Collaboration continues until 2010.

During this period AIDE is set to be the official distributor of spare parts and consumables for the Japanese firm RICOH.


AIDE is winning the tender and with the status of management company is beginning to coordinate the network of Nokia's regional service centers.

The end of the year will see active collaboration with Apple. A lot of projects running in parallel increase turnover and the company then expands: the tasks of warranty administration and service center management are allocated to a separate business area with the creation of a new department.


Collaboration with CANON NE has evolved into a representative office in Russia: under the terms of the contract AIDE retains the status of distributor of spare parts.and components, and also receives additional authorizations across the entire network. AIDE's management structure encompasses more than 120 service partners with paperwork and reporting procedures being constantly upgraded.


AIDE is set to become the exclusive service provider for CASIO COMPUTER COMPANY LTD on the territory of Russia. We are resolving issues with the reregistration of the service network, organizing service support and the servicing of digital cameras, presentation hardware, electronic musical instruments and other CASIO products.


AIDE has won the tender and is set to become the service provider for HUAWEI TECH. INVESTMENT CO., LTD on the territory of the Russian Federation. In two months we have set up a service center network. By the end of the year, top quality maintenance for HUAWEI technology will be available in each Russian city with a population of over 300,000. In parallel, we are developing a new accounting system, opening a local storage facility and launching an express delivery of spare parts.

In April we concluded a contract with LLC 'Sound Line', the exclusive distributor of Denn gaming consoles, who commissioned AIDE to organize service support for its products. Also this year we began a collaboration with the ACE insurance company, which since 1985 has provided underwriting, loss adjustment and risk management services.


2015 AIDE is beginning to supply spare parts for Lenovo brand products, as well as selling components for non-warranty repairs. The work scheme with authorized service centers was approved by Ilya Yakovlev, Head of Lenovo's Service Department in Russia and Asia. Our collaboration continues to this day.

We started working with 'Wisetech Service' on the warranty technical maintenance program for Aliexpress hardware as part of a 'one year warranty' service.


The start of working with the French company Auchan. Our joint work with a company that pays much attention to customer care will enable millions of customers to receive high-quality warranty technical service of the company's owns brands. Lazer, Selecline, PPX, QILIVE.


AIDE wins the tender and becomes the exclusive service provider for Lenovo and Moto smartphones. Tasks include the audit and restructuring of the service network, complete overhaul of the scheme for supplying spare parts, adoption and launch of a new accounting system that is integrated with the client's global system.


We have concluded a contract with the Nestle group whose terms and conditions enable AIDE to assume management of the company's authorized service centers and coordinate the warranty maintenance of internationally renowned coffee machines such as Nespresso, Bork, De’Longhi, Crups. With the help of the interactive portal on AIDE's Internet resource base, it has become possible to streamline incoming requests and spare parts orders: warranty repairs are monitored from the moment the customer contacts the service center to the delivery of the repaired device.

Also this year AIDE concludes a contract with VINSMART RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURE JSC, which is part of the major private Vingroup corporation in Vietnam. Within the remit of the project AIDE is setting up a service network and organizing post-sales service maintenance and warranty support for the company's products on the territory of the Russian Federation.


AIDE is set to become Epson's service provider and assume management of some of the service centers for servicing the brand's products. A contract with Infocus is signed within which AIDE shall ensure service support for Interactive Panels and Projectors supplied to the Russian market.


On winning the tender AIDE is proceeding with working with SONY, providing services for collecting and monitoring defective spare parts. The contract as drawn up includes a whole program of services, from checking the need for replacements to the recycling of unsuitable items.