Presentation equipment

We ensure a whole range of post-sales services

  • for projectors
  • interactive boards and monitors
  • acoustic equipment
  • accessories

Your advantages

AIDE helps you build a service structure, manage it from a single point and control key processes, from supplying spare parts for local warehouses to feedback analysis.

  • Multistage sampling
    We check every service center for its compliance with the brand's policy and connect only qualified personnel to provide services.
  • Same day repairs
    Our broad coverage reduces turnaround times, and our streamlined system of delivery enables an effective service regime even in remote areas.
  • Convenience in operation
    Our own accounting system enables work to be monitored at all stages, and feedback to be obtained from the customer.

Top services in the segment

Setting up and administering a service network
We set up a network of service centers from scratch and optimize the already established structure, solving the issues and reducing costs.
Technical support
We provide advice to service centers on ongoing tasks, set up a knowledge base for employees and achieve consistently excellent work quality.
Equipment transfer
We organize supply logistics, consolidate freight and reduce maintenance costs in the regions.
We deploy IT projects for streamlining communications with subcontractors and solutions for ongoing tasks.
We raise the qualification levels of service center personnel for work with specific equipment and new models.