Administering a service network

Intelligent administration is a guarantee of productive collaboration with service centers and the cardinal principle for network management. Process automation reduces the routine load and simplifies monitoring by streamlining service data with AIDE's strcutures and the client's system.

Stable network operation in many ways depends on the availability of a single management point and the effective processing of data on working processes.

Elements of administration

  • conclusion of contracts and supporting work with service partners;
  • formalizing work procedures and reporting algorithms;
  • collection and primary processing of data;
  • periodic paperwork management;
  • clearing payments, payment settlements, warranty repairs compensation;
  • daily consultations with partners on current procedures, legal issues and untypical cases.

Additional opportunities

We always factor in particular features of work, we provide transparent accounting and offer ready-made solutions only in those instances when they may speed up and simplify processes. Administering a service network requires automated management, and consequently we propose our own tools:

  • Smart-AIDE
    The system of registering and monitoring repairs with daily uploading of information on ongoing tasks. Thanks to this functionality, breaches of normative standards can be avoided and a single point for controlling work performance obtained.
  • Paperwork monitoring
    This reduces the administrative load on employees, provides transparency and monitoring of clearing payments.
  • Automated system for ensuring spare parts
    This allows us to forward spare parts needed for repair works within twenty-four hours and keep to average delivery times for the regions from one to five days depending on distance from the central warehouse.

Complex administering is conducted in several stages:

Auditing a client's network, assessing the efficiency of partners
Highlighting particular aspects of the business, presenting development strategies and drawing up contracts with clients
Selecting new partners, adjusting procedures, adopting AIDE tools and starting fully-fledged work

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