Game consoles and play stations

Full service cycle for:

  • Gamepads
  • X Box
  • Playstation
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Accessories

Your advantages

Technical support for gaming stations and consoles ranges from both basic procedures like thermal paste change and maintenance to complex repairs involving special skills. With AIDE you can build trust with your customers, streamline your service setup and pre-plan costs.

  • Simple control
    AIDE accounting systems let you update repair status and sync intra-structural data.
  • Quick start
    With our wide regional partner net you can get started within two weeks.
  • Regular supply
    Local spare part inventories are regularly resupplied to expedite repairs

Top services in the segment

Launching and administering a service network
We are launching a service network with the possibility of scaling and we control the key performance indicators.
We adopt IT projects to streamline communication with subcontractors and solutions for ongoing tasks.
We raise qualification levels of service center personnel to handle specific equipment and new models.
Quality management
We work with you to improve the service structure from inside, driving process performance and KPI achievement.