Service network audit

Auditing service centers helps identify structural problems, revisit service policy and improve post-sales service on all levels.

We use objective assessment criteria and check service centers for their compliance with industry standards as well as the client's requirements. We analyze benchmark criteria and the general coverage.

Following the results of the audit, AIDE provides all the information on the network's operation.

  • Specific recommendations
  • Development pathway
  • Visual analytics
  • Infographics with data on the work of regional partners

Advantages of an integrated approach:

A service network audit is carried out in several stages, allowing us to identify flaws at all levels and effectively correct errors.
  • Problem isolation and closing the gaps in logistics
    Multi-level systems occasionally conceal 'bottlenecks' in the infrastructure. A network audit will allow flaws to be identified and collaboration to be improved on all levels.
  • Investment optimization
    Revising network operation will provide information on potential structural elements and enable sensible budgeting management.
  • Development strategy formulation
    Recommendations will help you to redistribute resources within your infrastructure and draw up specific development tasks.

Possible post-audit activity pathways

Replacing the provider and a comprehensive overhaul of partners' network
Staff training and amending internal processes and procedures
Expanding the network of service centers and launching an equipment transfer system for a broad coverage

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