Promotion through a service network

Promoting goods and services through a service center will help attract a new audience and find points for scaling the business.

The basic aim of an advertising campaign is to tell potential customers about your services and special offers, as well as to attract them to a more thorough acquaintance with the brand. A service center may become an effective platform for promoting both a start-up company and a market leader.

Placing promotional products in a service center is

  • your direct engagement with the target audience
  • creating the effect of 'being there' and raising brand recognition
  • saving on advertising expenses

Promotion through a service network raises brand recognition and attracts new customers.

Depending on the scale of an advertising campaign and ongoing tasks, there is a choice of three types of promotion:
  • Branding of a service center
    The most effective though costly variant: the center is designed in corporate style and the servicing corresponds to the brand's service policy
  • Placing of advertising equipment and promotional products
    A popular means of promotion which allows you to repeatedly use promotional products. At the end of the campaign, they are usually returned to the client
  • Placing of printed products
    The company's leaflets and business cards help to attract site visitors and potential clients, as well as tell the audience about promotions and special offers

A step by step process:

calculating the cost of the project;
preparing promotional products (coordinating the mock-up and its production);
dispatching of the products to the service centers;
reporting on the placement and monthly reporting to the client;
dismantling the advertising equipment after the end of the campaign and return of the products.