Setting up a service network

A service center is the condition for a rapid and high-quality post-sales service. It contributes towards the development and strengthening of the brand's image in the eyes of the customer, demonstrates its presence in the sales region, and thereby can enhance promotional marketing.

A broad service network solves five basic tasks for the company:

  • provision of the possibility of repair in the sales region;
  • reduction of repair timeframes and logistical outgoings;
  • presence of the brand in the regions and reputational enhancement;
  • customer loyalty;
  • increased marketability.

We can set up a service center from scratch, or we can manage it and develop the client's existing network further.

When you expand your service network, you should always bear in mind the peculiarities of a specific region and its remoteness from the central warehouse: this affects repair times and customer satisfaction. Therefore the development of a service center must be coordinated with sales plans and aimed at supporting them. The organization of a service center may be begun with the adoption of standard solutions and subsequently gradually adapt and expand its range of services, drawing on the actual needs and tasks of our customer.
The setting up of a service center is a critically important process. The quality and timeframes for repair work directly depend on the qualification level of those carrying out the work, and the outgoings on the service depend on their degree of responsibility. The existence of standards and an adequate tool inventory to search for and select a partner, as well as experience of working with a large number of service centers, provides confidence that when setting up a new service center authorization will be proposed only to the best partners in Russia and the CIS. This itself will ensure optimal service coverage.
  • Competent analytics
    This will enable you to establish an optimal number of service centers for a region and subsequently ensure uniform coverage.
  • Careful selection of partners
    You can delegate the work, as the repair quality directly affects trust in the brand and product popularity.
  • Launching processes and procedures
    In order to ensure the quality of service provided by authorized service centers, staff will need training and familiarization with brand policy.

A step by step process:

Formulating a strategy of service network development, highlighting key regions.
Auditing partners, assessing competences.
Selecting new partners if the regional coverage is inadequate or collaboration with the current partner has been terminated following the results of an audit.
Authorization of selected partners, introduction of a single system of document management and contract awarding.
Integration of partners into the work process: familiarization with the requirements for service centers, particular aspects of the products and the brand's service policy.
Training service center personnel, providing access to reporting systems.

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