Contact center

A unified single center simplifies direct communication with the client and strengthens trust in both the manufacturer and the retail network.

Remote maintenance makes the use of equipment more comfortable for the buyer. At the same time, it allows the company to collect data for analytics, respond to large-scale market changes, and promptly fix any issues.


  • Request acceptance
  • Request processing and selection of further actions
  • Interaction with the client at all project stages
  • Reporting to the customer
  • Data analytics

AIDE Contact Center Operation Strategies

The stable functioning of the contact center is important not only for the end customer consumer, but also for the client: it is a reliable way to build longterm and trusting relationships and maintain contact with the target audience.
  • Warranty and post-warranty support
    Registration of customer requests, redirection to the support group and incident support until the completion of the repair, including notification of the work completion.
  • Second level technical support
    Providing product information upon request, help with customized setup and customer sites navigation.
  • Information support
    Advising on warranty service, notifying of new programs and promotions, as well as of the availability of regional repair support groups.

Steps to launch a contact center

Assessment of the target audience, product features, and choice of service type
Signing agreements with partners, connection of AIDE automated systems
Providing regional coverage and start of the fully-fledged work