Staff training helps a company react more effectively to market changes, comply with the client's expectations and modernize the repair technology for any item of hardware.

Thanks to AIDE's programs, employees acquire specific technical skills and work experience, and also become familiar with the brand's policy and corporate values.

Your advantages

  • Turnkey services
  • Acquired experience and tested solutions
  • Developing an attitude towards the brand

Raising the qualification levels of employees can become compatible with the work process both in remote and face-to-face training formats.

AIDE offers various staff training programs. The choice of format depends both on the ongoing tasks and goals, and on staff competences.
  • Technical training
    Skills in repairing new models and working on particularly complex cases.
  • Training with certification
    Successful progression through programs entitles the partner to repair goods of a certain category.
  • Training to work with clients
    After completion of this program, employees master the tactics of working with customers and can achieve improving confidence in the brand or the company.
  • Training in the brand's special projects
    The program includes familiarization with the brand's policies and acquiring specific skills for selling services through a service center.

Staff training is conducted in several stages:

developing the program
agreeing on the budget and the training schedule with the client
preparation of both instructional and promotional materials
conducting a range of training activities
reporting to clients and summing up