We organize the servicing of any electronic item and smart device.

  • Smart phones and mobile telephones
  • Tablets and portable devices
  • Dashboard cameras and sensors
  • Smart house components
  • Power banks
  • E-books
  • Earphones
  • Acoustic systems

Your advantages

Customers use electronic devices on a daily basis, therefore sending devices for repair may alter their daily rhythm of life in a very substantial way. The situation can be saved with minimum work timescales, an individual approach and service quality, and the delivery system and service network management they all depend on can be enabled right now.

  • Effective launch
    The electronic service network has already been built and is ready to work on a specific brand.
  • Scaling
    The automation of labor-intensive processes and the partner network help streamline network scaling.
  • IT solutions
    AIDE's in-house projects give the system transparency, as well as work with the customer predictability for both sides.


Launching and administering a service network
We are launching a service network with the possibility of scaling and control the KPIs.
Technical support
We provide advice to service centers on ongoing tasks, set up a knowledge base for employees and achieve consistently excellent work quality.
Equipment transfer
We organize supply logistics, consolidate freight and reduce maintenance costs in the regions.
Adoption of IT projects for streamlining communications with subcontractors and solutions for ongoing tasks
We raise the qualification levels of service center personnel for work with specific equipment and new models.