Full service cycle

  • Server equipment
  • Laptops
  • Stationary computers
  • Accessories

Your advantages

Regardless of the repair complexity, the maintenance of hardware should be as fast and invisible to the client as possible: it is their main working tool. Thanks to our professional support in regional centers and local warehouses, we guarantee a prompt and high-quality repair service.

  • Local warehouses
    Our network of warehouses with online stock monitoring saves time.
  • Experience and special skills
    The employees of the service centers constantly confirm their competence. Our specialists are ready to work with the entire park of equipment, including servicing new models.
  • New approach to data
    An ongoing customer interaction is the basis for market forecasting and analytics.

Top services

We raise the qualification levels of service center personnel for work with specific equipment and new models.
Launching and administering a service network
We are launching a service network with the possibility of scaling and we control the key performance indicators.
Supplying spare parts
We build logistics for supplies and restock the local warehouses regularly, excluding the delivery time from the total execution time for a request.
We deploy IT projects for streamlining communications with subcontractors and effective solutions for ongoing tasks.