Equipment transfer

The logistical operation of dispatching goods is set up in order to provide service coverage in remote regions and cut servicing times to a minimum.

The system of monitoring traffic and service may also be useful for the retail outlets. Thanks to the automated data export, it is possible to provide customers with specific information on the job status and speed up interaction with the service center accordingly.

When you entrust control of transferring of equipment to the repair provider, you can

  • Save on time
  • Receive a single point for managing the freight
  • Set up relations with the client based on trust

Functional advantages

  • Transparency
    keep track of the hardware items at all stages of transportation
  • A single management point
    synchronizing data with other systems which display information on the repair
  • Nothing superfluous
    only the essential information on the status of the repair and notification of any update.

Satisfaction with the work carried out at all stages.

The Company
Broad service coverage and engagement with remote regions
The service center
Effective engagement streamlines work and communication between participants in the process
The Consumer
Quick repair even in the regions without authorized centers, and trust in the brand