Spare parts distribution

Because it can provide a service network with spare parts promptly, the company obtains a serious competitive market advantage and establishes relations with customers based on trust.

We believe that even the most extensive service network must work trouble-free, therefore we have chosen the best partners for transportation and have set up our own accounting system for monitoring at all levels.

A sensible supply system solves three basic tasks facing a service network:

  • it ensures the availability of spare parts in the region where the repair is carried out;
  • turnaround times for repairs are minimized;
  • outgoings and overheads are reduced.

The advantages of working with AIDE

Tried and tested solutions account for the optimization of business processes, while the assessment of the initial situation enables a suitable supply scheme to be selected and coverage ensured.
  • Choosing the best conditions
    Our own partner base, who can offer cost-efficient and safe transportation.
  • Budget optimization
    Freight consolidation, thanks to which logistical costs are reduced.
  • Automation of ongoing processes
    A single point of transport monitoring and automatic warehouse planning and replenishment enable clear dispatch timeframes to be observed and the liquidity reserve to be supported.

Spare part provision is ensured in various stages:

delivery of spare parts from the manufacturer's warehouse, organizing logistics
managing the client's warehouses, minimizing non-liquid remainders
creating a central warehouse and local warehouses for spare parts based on service centers, supply planning
return of defective spare parts and decommissioned equipment, monitoring their acceptance
validation of warranty/insurance replacements and write-offs
restoring, disassembling and/or recycling written-off hardware and defective spare parts
export of spare parts and decommissioned equipment to the manufacturer's factories