Photo, audio and video equipment

Full service cycle

  • Cameras
  • Professional camera lenses
  • Video cameras
  • Action cameras

Your advantages

Even the most basic camera repair requires from the craftsman doing the job experience and special equipment. After a substandard repair clients' complaints usually are sent to the manufacturer, even if the service center was not authorized to do it. These problems can be avoided if from the very start tried and tested procedures are implemented within the quality control system.

  • Specialization
    We work solely with professional service centers that have confirmed credentials and the necessary equipment.
  • Maintenance capacity
    Thanks to our experience of working with market leaders, the service network is able to handle large work volumes and can guarantee repair quality.
  • Regular supply
    Spare parts, component materials and consumables are promptly distributed between central and local storage depots, thus ensuring the exact timeframes for repairs.

Popular services within the industry.

Contact center
Registration of referrals and one-on-one contact with customers accompanied by parallel market data analysis generally.
Setting up and administering a service network
We organize the launch of service support from scratch or provide a ready-made structure as well as ensure technical and informational support for the client's network.
We adopt IT projects for streamlined communications with subcontractors, solutions for ongoing tasks and localization of monitoring tools.
Supplying spare parts
We organize the logistics, consolidate freights and reduce the repair timeframe in the regions.