You are now able to collect and organize data, control the processes and manage the work of subcontractors from a single point.

After deployment of AIDE systems the customer gets access to all the functionalities and management tools of the systems, while we take care of the technical maintenance and customization for certain tasks.


  • Customized settings for current tasks
  • Simple UI
  • Constant technical support

We answer all the main questions

We utilize only the trusted solutions which have proved their effectiveness on the large-scale projects for market leaders.
  • Does AIDE preserve the management access after the installation?
    No, we only take care of the full-time technical support, while all the control functions are transferred to the customer.
  • Which export format does the reporting feature have?
    Daily task reporting is exported online and enables quick problem solving.
  • If our company’s priorities have changed, can we update the software or change the algorithms?
    Yes, unlike the global IT solutions, AIDE software provides an opportunity to change and update processes to match your specific goals.

A step by step process:

Assessment of the scope of the company’s current tasks and peculiar qualities, signing of an agreement
Setting up the system and reporting algorithms, data export, providing access to system control
Further technical support of the system.

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