In 2017 AIDE won the tender and began working with Lenovo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of personal computers with head-quarters in Beijing. In a mere two months of working together, we managed to conduct an audit of existing partners and form a new service network with a sensible distribution of workloads. Thanks to an effective system of monitoring, the flow of warranty repairs was cut by a third, and the company's service outgoings were reduced. Today our collaboration continues, and AIDE keeps an eye on adhering to key performance indicators and its services reporting.


Completely reorganize the service structure, revise the logistic of supplying spare parts and the system of warranty reporting without pausing work on current tasks.

Tasks in the first stage

  • Audit of the service network and the identification of 'weak points' in the service chain.
  • Support of key performance indicators according to the client's requirements.
  • Integrating the accounting system Smart.AIDE with the MDS global system.
  • Reducing the supply chain by moving to direct dispatch from the central warehouse in China.
  • Setting up and supporting a strategic store of spare parts in Russia.
  • Aligning reporting across all levels of the service structure.
  • Supporting services while the project is being implemented.

Aspects of the work

In the early stages of our work together Canon did not engage in any economic activity in the Russian Federation, and the contract was signed with the Finnish company Canon NE. AIDE became the exclusive distributor only after several years, and so in that time it was not possible to set up a single warehouse: the flow of goods went through five different companies. Thanks to the effective organization of importing and the substantial reduction in supply times, AIDE gradually took over the greater part of authorized service centers, creating a local Canon warehouse in Russia and coordinating repair and warranty servicing. In 2005 Canon took the decision to consolidate its single scheme for supplying spare parts to authorized service centers and fully endorse AIDE's suggested approach: by then it had already proven its effectiveness and achieved positive results on a global level.

Why does Lenovo need this?

AIDE has helped with the company's key tasks in the Russian market: to optimize service outgoings, adopt a global reporting system, launch additional technical monitoring and update the supply system. At the earliest stage of the work the service network audit helped redistribute the workload: some service centers did not meet the company's requirements and were excluded from the structure, whereas others began their work thus providing a broad coverage. Thanks to the synchronization of reporting systems, the client was able to achieve transparency of processes at all levels, making huge financial savings.


  • A single monitoring system based on Smart.AIDE has been adopted.
  • The number of warranty repairs has been reduced by 40%.
  • Unfeasible write-offs and repairs have been eliminated.
  • Key market performance indicators have been matched with the manufacturer's requirements.
  • The usage of spare parts has been reduced.
  • The product supply chain has been upgraded with direct shipping from a central warehouse.

Setting up a service network for Epson

In 2020 AIDE began working with the Epson representative office in Russia. For thirty years now it has supplied printers, scanners, projectors and other brand products to Russia.

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